Cosatto Wow XL 3-in-1 Pram and Pushchair

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This Cosatto Wow XL pram and pushchair comes in three different coloured designs. It is flexible to fit different ages of child. It can be used for one growing child or for siblings as it has a carrycot and seat fitting. The carrycot has a padded mattress and apron and the pushchair seat is reversible and can be used alongside the cot or instead of it. The pushchair can seat a child up to 25kg and it has calf support, a relining function and a hood with an extendable visor which is 100UPF. It has puncture proof tyres and high quality suspension to make it comfortable for the child and easy to use by the parent.


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Cosatto Wow XL 3-in-1 Pram and Pushchair