How to Separate the Must-Haves from the Don’t Needs on your Baby Shower Gift List

If you’re planning on sending out a list of baby shower gift ideas to your closest friends and family members, it can be challenging to figure out which items you actually need, and which you don’t. For instance, you know you need things like nappies, and a good comfy place where your child can sleep, but beyond that it can start to get a little confusing.

There are tons of extra products out there that claim to make life easier for new parents, but how do you tell the difference between a gadget that you’re never going to use, and one that’s never going to leave your side?

Here, we’re going to look at some of the key categories of your baby shower wish list, to see what you really need to ask for.

Nursery or Baby Bedroom Furniture

The 2 main things that you need for a nursery or baby bedroom is a crib, and a crib mattress. Obviously, it’s also nice to have somewhere to store baby clothes and nappies, but you may have some furniture in your home already. Other nice-to-have items that you might want to look into include changing tables, rocking chairs, and humidifiers.

If you have a lot of friends with extra money to spend, then you can look into things like hampers, and a baby monitor so you can listen to your baby or even watch him or her while they’re sleeping.

Clothes and Linens

Here’s an area where friends and family members often go over the top. Baby clothes and bedding are often so cute that it’s hard to resist buying everything. However, you’re going to need at least 2 fitted crib sheets, and a bumper that ties securely to your crib. You could also need several thin cloth blankets, and some waterproof mattress protectors.

Quilts, and crib skirts aren’t necessary, but they look nice when placed in your kid’s bedroom. Make sure you avoid anything that poses a SIDS risk, such as pillows, or mattress padding. In terms of clothes, you don’t need too many items here. Some comfortable baby grows that are going to last plenty of washes are a good idea.

Socks and shoes are totally unnecessary for the first few months of your child’s life, as they’ll often be kicked off anyway. Most of the fancy outfits bought for your child will often go un-used.

Baby Proofing Products

Babyproofing products are pretty easy to come by these days. There’s a good chance that you won’t need these items too desperately during the first few weeks or months of your child’s life, as they won’t be able to crawl or walk around without you anyway. As your child starts to get more freedom, you’ll need gates for the tops and bottoms of your stairs, cabinet latches, outlet covers, drawer latches, and a fireplace bumper too.

Furniture anchors often come in handy, but you probably won’t need to worry too much about things like toilet looks. You can also look at things like corner guards if you have any particularly low tables.

Feeding Gear

There are a lot of products that show up in the “feeding” section of your must-have list. You’re going to need multiple bottles with nipples designed for newborns. You might need to try several brands before you find the one that’s best for your baby. You’ll also need a bottle-cleaning brush, drying rack, and several weeks of formula too.

Since feeding is a messy business, you’ll need multiple cotton bibs and burb cloths too. An insulated cooler or carrier where you can keep food for outings is a good idea too. You don’t necessarily need to keep a bottle warmer with you, as heating a bottle in hot water generally takes about the same amount of time anyway.

Speaking of feeding gear, you might also need to consider some breast-feeding products too, like nursing bras and nursing pillows, plenty of nursing pads, and even a breast pump for extra convenience.

Nappy Products

Another essential set of products to have are nappy products. These are the things that are going to keep your children clean and comfortable before they’re potty trained. Start with plenty of newborn nappies to start, and some wipes to keep your little one clean. Nappy rash ointment is a must-have, as is a waterproof changing table pad.

Products like a nappy pail will definitely come in handy, If you want some bonus equipment, you might consider looking into some waterproof pads for under your baby’s backside, and some non-talc powder to help the nappy area dry. Try to stay away from any overly fancy products here, and don’t overdo it on newborn nappies, as you might need to upgrade to the next size faster than you realise.

Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom essentials can fall under a pretty broad umbrella when it comes to caring for a baby. These items can include everything from hooded towels, to wash cloths, bath seats, and baby wash for in the bath too. You should also have a baby brush and comb, some cotton swabs and cotton balls, and a set of baby nail clippers or scissors.

It might be nice to have some bath toys to keep your child entertained while they’re getting scrubbed up. Children might not like being in the bath straight away, so keeping them distracted can be extremely helpful. You might also need things like a bath thermometer to help you get a better idea of the temperature.

The Baby Care Basics

Finally, we can take a look at some of the additional baby car basics that often come as part of a care hamper. For instance, you can invest in multiple pacifiers – or try a few brands and see which ones your baby responds to best. You can also look into thermometers, petroleum jelly, nasal aspirators, infant Calpol or similar medications. Avoid investing in too many medications before you know that they’re definitely safe for your baby.

Additionally, you can think about things like vapor creams and vapor baths, anti-gas medicines, and teething ointments first, but stick to what your doctor approves.

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