Here’s what You Really Need for your Newborn

When you’re on your way to a live as a new parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different products that there are to explore. It seems like the market for parents is only getting bigger as manufacturers discover new and improved ways to make looking after your little ones easier than ever. While on the one hand, this wide marketplace means that you can usually find plenty of great products to experiment with, on the other hand, it makes shopping a lot more daunting.

You might have started to write your list of must-haves, and already you’re feeling as though you’re going to end up with more to buy than you can reasonably afford. Slow down for a minute and try to stay calm. To help you overcome the stress, we’re going to check out some of the most crucial items that you actually need for your newborn.

1. Nappies

Let’s start with the most obvious purchase: nappies. Whether you call them diapers or nappies, these products are absolutely essential for a new mother or father. Your baby is going to go to the bathroom a lot, and it’s going to be a while before you can teach them how to use the potty effectively. With that in mind, being stocked up on the right size and type of nappy is essential.

You’ll need to start with a couple of packs of newborn nappies, but don’t over-purchase until you know what works for your child. You might also find that you grow out of the newborn phase pretty quickly too, depending on how large your child might be.

2. Onesies

Another thing that you’re going to need lots of is onesies. Onesies are the easiest way to dress your child, and one of the most durable pieces of clothing that your baby is going to have. Look at this way, your child is going to spend a lot of time spitting up, and doing other things that will generally get his or her clothing very messy.

Onesies are quick and easy to take off and put on, so you can change your child a lot faster. It’s a lot harder to have to button your child into and take them out of complicated outfits. Ideally, look for onesies that have mittens attached to them, as this will help to prevent your child from accidentally scratching themselves.

3. A Changing Pad

Your changing pad needs to be two things: waterproof and portable. The rest doesn’t really matter. You can find tons of all-singing all-dancing stations for changing, complete with their own nappy dispensers and other fantastic products. However, the chances are that you’re only going to use items like that at home if you can afford to buy one.

That means that unless your baby is never going outside, you’re still going to need a portable changing pad that you can take with you into public bathrooms and other changing areas. Make sure that you have a space in your nappy bag for things like wipes and extra nappy too – so you’re fully prepared wherever you go.

4. A Comfy Baby Carrier

You don’t necessarily need a baby carrier if you’re going to be carrying your child in their adjustable pushchair or car seat all the time. However, a baby carrier is a handy piece of equipment to have, particularly if you’re running around and doing a lot of shopping and tasks regularly. The biggest benefit of a baby carrier that holds onto your body is that you have both of your hands-free.

A good carrier can be difficult to find if you’re a beginner, but the idea is to look for something that delivers a similar effect to a swaddling blanket. You need your child to be safe, secure, and located close to your heartbeat so that they can feel as cosy as possible. Wrap slings are often a popular choice with a lot of parents, but some people will prefer something with more structure.

5. Nipple Cream

If you’re thinking of nursing or breastfeeding your child, then you’re definitely going to need something that will look after your poor and painful breasts. Sore and cracked nipples aren’t fun, and they can often make you feel like you can’t take any more of the breastfeeding experience if they’re not properly cared for.

Make sure that you stock up on the kinds of creams that you can rely on when you’re preparing for your new arrival. It might be helpful to try a few creams out before you choose the one that you’re going to invest the most into.

6. Sleeping Bags and Swaddle Blankets

Sleeping bags and swaddle blankets are another must-have item for a new mother or parent. Your swaddle blankets will help to keep your baby cosy when it’s cold outside. At the same time, a sleeping bag will give you an easy way to keep your baby at the right temperature all night. Blankets are good too, but they’re also very easy for your baby to kick off. If your child ends up accidentally making themselves cold, then they’ll wake you up in a heartbeat.

Check out some of the top-rated sleeping bags on the market, and make sure that there’s no risk of your child’s head being covered by the bag no matter how much they move around.

7. Portable Baby Bottle

Finally, baby bottles are essential if you’re feeding with formula. However, they can also be a pain when you’re traveling outside of the home. If you don’t have enough to carry in your bag already, baby bottles also take up additional space alongside everything else. The good news is that there are plenty of more travel-friendly options out there if you can look for them.
A collapsible baby bottle is an excellent choice for the parent that’s frequently on the go. Just make sure that the option you pick is still very easy to use.

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