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Incentive Schemes

Although using Real Nappies will save you money in the long run, the initial outlay can sometimes be difficult to find. That’s why many Local Authorities fund incentive schemes, to help new parents with the cost of the essentials you need to get started.

There are several different types of incentive schemes available, including vouchers, cashback, trial kits, loans/payment schemes and free samples.

Vouchers -

The most common incentive schemes are vouchers and cashback. Vouchers can be worth anything up to £50, although it varies from region to region.  The vouchers will be issued by a Local Authority and can usually be redeemed with a number of different retailers, giving you the chance to shop around for the best deal.  Occasionally there are also vouchers available for nappy laundry services.

Cashback -

Under the cashback schemes, once you have bought your Real Nappies you might be able to apply to your Local Authority to get some of the money back. The minimum spend and the amount you get back will vary, and you’ll also need to check if the nappies have to be bought from a registered retailer, so it is worth checking out the scheme before you make a purchase.  You often need the reciepts as proof of purchase and the payment might be split in two, so you get more money the longer you continue to use Real Nappies. Some councils will give you cashback even if you’ve bought the nappies second-hand, so this can be a great way of saving a lot of money.

Trial Kits -

If you’re new to Real Nappies and not sure which one is the best for you, trial kits are perfect for testing out a range of nappies. The kits are usually lent out for up to a month, some will require deposits which you get back on return of the kit. Trial kits are offered by local retailers and advisory groups as well as Local Authorities.

Free Samples -

Some Local Authorities might offer a free starter pack to get you going with Real Nappies.  These can be great to help you save money and decide the best nappy for you.

Loans/Payment Schemes -

In some areas of the country, loans/payment schemes are available to help with the initial cost of Real Nappies. Loans are usually low interest or interest free and can help you spread the cost of your nappies over a longer period, as it would be if you were using disposables. Repayments can be as low as £5 a week so you’ll see the savings straight away!

To find out if there are any incentive schemes running in your local area use our Nappy Finder - just enter your postcode and select which incentive schemes you’re interested in.


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