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Why Use Real Nappies? - Save Money

Having a baby can make monthly bank statements a regular ordeal. Prams, nappies, wipes and clothes; the list goes on and on. It often seems as if the smallest member of the family has the greatest need!

The demands of your new baby don’t always need to come at a pinch to your finances. Real nappies not only win hands down in the baby style stakes but also come up trumps in the wallet department too.

By the time your baby is potty trained he or she could have had as many as 4000 nappy changes, or more! So whilst all parents will have become a dab hand at a swift nappy change, parents who choose disposables end up throwing away their hard earned cash along with the dirty nappy.

The Real Cost

You can kit your baby out with all the nappies they need from the high street for under £80 (the cheapest Real Nappy option), add £1 per week to wash them and you’ll still save £500 compared to the market leading disposable nappy.

There is of course an initial outlay required for Real Nappies but we've got some ideas to help get you started.  There are also many Real Nappy incentive schemes designed to lessen the cost.

Once you have your nappies, why not try making some fleece liners to save a further £75 (see – Top Tips) or your own wet wipes and you could save a further £250  As well as saving more money you will benefit your baby’s skin.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to nappies the smart money is on Real!  

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