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As your baby grows it is important to make sure that their nappy is still well fitting.  Most types of real nappies are available in 2 sizing options:  Birth-to-potty and Sized.

Birth-to-Potty Nappies

These allow you to adjust the size of the nappies, using poppers, to fit your growing baby.  You will only need to buy one set, which should last from birth (or approximately 10lbs) until your baby has potty trained.  The original birth-to-potty nappy was the good old terry square!  These can be folded to fit just about any size of baby.  Birth-to-potty nappies are also available in Prefold, Shaped, All-in-One and Pocket types and are often cheaper that using a sized nappy system.

Sized Nappies

Shaped, All-in-One and Pocket Nappies are available in different sizes, usually size 1 from birth to approx 20lbs, then size 2 up until potty training.  They are also often available in tiny sizes – ideal for premature babies, and larger sizes for chunkier toddlers.

Terry squares can also be bought in different sizes but many parents just use the 60cm by 60cm size and adjust your folds to fit your baby.


Wraps are most commonly found in different sizes but you can find some birth-to-potty styles.

Take a look at our Birth-to- Potty video:

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