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Second-Hand Nappies

Good quallity Real Nappies are long-lasting and durable. A second-hand or 'pre-loved' Real Nappy is a lot like buying second-hand clothes for your baby.

There are a number of benefits to buying second-hand nappies or selling your nappies on when your baby grows out of them: as second-hand nappies can be used again and again, it helps to reduce the environmental impact of using nappies even further. You can also help reduce your carbon footprint by using your old nappies on another child, or passing them on to family and friends. And for those on a budget, you can make huge savings compared to buying brand new.

A huge online community of "cloth-bummed mum's" has grown on social media: sharing photos, advice and the joys of using Real Nappies. They also play host to selling, trading, auctioning and raffling pre-loved nappies! There are many Facebook groups and pages set up for selling and trading pre loved nappies.

Pre-loved nappies often come up on websites such as eBay and Gumtree and you can sometimes find the odd freebie on Freecycle. When on the hunt for second hand nappies keep a close eye on charity shops and car boot sales: bargains can often be found where you least expect them!

When you are (finally) finished with your nappies you may wish to "pay it forward" and donate your nappies to a good cause, details on how to do this can be found here.

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