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Real Nappy Week 2015

Changing the World, One Nappy at a Time!

20th April- 26th April 2015

Since 1996 Go Real and their predecessors have been working hard to bring Real Nappies into the public eye using the platform of Real Nappy Week. This year is no different. It’s time to change the world and we’re doing it, one nappy at a time!

Why Change?

Human beings have become accustomed to the single use life, use it, throw it, start again, and repeat. This has to change! Landfill is fast becoming full. With an estimated 813,200 (and rising) babies born in England and Wales each year. Using 3 billion single use nappies - which translates into over 355,000 tonnes of waste produced and an annual disposal cost to local authorities (and tax payers) of £32 million.

If all babies wore one Cloth Nappy a day throughout their time in nappies that would be over 813, 200 nappies not going to landfill each year – think of the savings!

And it’s not just landfill that will benefit from the change, but our wider environment as well. Reports have shown that a 40% carbon saving can be made through using reusable nappies compared to using disposables- and yes that includes the washing!

Making the change could also benefit your bank balance too, depending on your personal nappy choices our calculations show that you could save anywhere from £150 - £1000 and if you use the same nappies for more than one baby your savings will only increase!

Change What?

Changing Lives Baby and Parental Benefits – Comfortable, dry, cushioned bottoms make a happy baby. Early potty training and overall cost savings make a happy parent! And don't they look great too!?


Changing Futures Changing a habit of a generation and start the evolution. By raising awareness of Real Nappies amongst future generations of parents - through information, fashion and fun - we might make evolution happen! Spread the word at grass roots level; encourage friends, family and the younger generation to go along to your local Nappy Library or Council’s Nappuccino / Nappy Natter Event!

Changing the World Less waste, less bin Lorries, fewer carbon emissions.

Why stop at Nappies?  

Maybe you have already made the change to Real Nappies? You can still go further to change the world! There is an entire world of Alternative Menstrual Products (AMPs) for you to explore! From washable pads, to menstrual cups and even sea sponge tampons there will be a product that suits you and your life style. Go Real are working on putting together information to help empower women to change the world and their lives. Starting with a fantastic article on our website written by the Fit and Fluffy Mama. Want to know more? Watch this space!


A week packed full information -– arming you to change the world!

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If you would like to get involved, have any suggestions, or would like us to help you promote your Real Nappy Week activities, please contact us